• faculty

  • Kit Hansell Bowen, Jr.

    E. Emmet Reid Professor of Chemistry

    PhD, Harvard University
  • Art Bragg

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Lan Cheng

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Peking University
  • Paul Dagdigian

    Arthur D. Chambers Professor

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • 410-516-7438
    • Remsen B42
    • Research Interests: Experimental and theoretical chemical physics
  • Howard Fairbrother


    Ph. D, Northwestern University
  • Stephen Fried

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Stanford University
  • David Goldberg


    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Marc Greenberg

    Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry

    PhD, Yale University
  • Rigoberto Hernandez

    Gompf Family Professor of Chemistry

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Xiongyi Huang

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, Princeton University
  • Kenneth Karlin

    Ira Remsen Professor of Chemistry

    PhD, Columbia University
    • 410-516-8027
    • New Chemistry Building 213
    • Research Interests: Inorganic/Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Thomas J. Kempa

    Assistant Professor

    Ph. D., Harvard University
    • 410-516-4385
    • New Chemistry Building, Room 111
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Solid-State and Materials Chemistry, Energy Science, Experimental Physical Chemistry
  • Rebekka Klausen

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Harvard University
  • Thomas Lectka

    Jean and Norman Scowe Professor

    PhD, Cornell University
  • Tyrel M. McQueen


    PhD, Princeton University
    • 410-516-6201
    • New Chemistry Building 312; Bloomberg 318
    • Research Interests: Solid State and Inorganic Chemistry; Design of New Materials and Reaction Mechanisms; Emergent Pheonomena and Condensed Matter Physics
  • Steven Rokita


    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Harris J. Silverstone

    Emeritus Academy Professor

    PhD, California Institute of Technology
  • V. Sara Thoi

    Assistant Professor

    PhD, University of California Berkeley
  • Joel R. Tolman

    Associate Professor

    PhD, Yale University
  • John Toscano

    Professor of Chemistry and Vice Dean for Natural Sciences

    PhD, Yale University
  • J. D. Tovar


    Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Craig Townsend

    Alsoph H. Corwin Professor

    PhD, Yale University
  • David Yarkony

    Chair and D. Mead Johnson Professor of Chemistry

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Teaching Faculty

  • Christopher Falzone

    Christopher Falzone

    Teaching Professor, Organic Chemistry, Summer Programs

  • Lecturers

  • Larissa D’Souza

    Larissa D’Souza

    Senior Lecturer, Organic Chemistry

  • Eric Hill

    Eric Hill

    Lecturer, Chemical Chirality, Chemistry With Problem Solving, Summer Programs

  • David Klein

    Fellow by Courtesy

  • Sunita Thyagarajan

    Sunita Thyagarajan

    Senior Lecturer, Intro Chemistry

  • Jamie Young

    Jamie Young


  • Joint Appointments

  • Jon M. Fukuto

    Adjunct Professor

  • David Gracias

    Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Howard E. Katz

    Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

  • Lawrence M. Principe

    Professor, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

  • Research Professors

  • Jaime Combariza

    Associate Research Professor

  • Staff

  • Daniel Beren

    Sr. Grants and Contracts Analyst

    Financial support to assigned faculty, graduate/post-doc payroll to assigned faculty, back-up: Yin Jiang
  • Robert Bishop

    Sr. Grants and Contracts Analyst

    • 410-516-1208
    • Remsen 340
    • Research Interests: Financial support to assigned faculty, graduate/post-doc payroll to assigned faculty, back-up: Yin Jiang
  • Meghan Carter

    Meghan Carter

    Department Administrator

    Administrative oversight of finance, academics, facilities, and technology
  • Jasmine Harris

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Yin Jiang

    Yin Jiang

    Financial Manager

    Financial support to assigned faculty, graduate/post-doc payroll to assigned faculty, back up: Meghan Carter
  • Indira Jones

    Indira Jones

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Dennis Kidd

    Dennis Kidd

    Systems Engineer

    Hardware/software/networking/email support, hardware & software purchasing, guidance, back-up: Meghan Carter
  • John Kidwell

    John Kidwell

    Academic Program Coordinator

    CBI graduate liaison - registration, academic progress, graduation, back-up: Cassandra Steward
  • Smaa Koraym

    Smaa Koraym

    Laboratory Technician

  • Kim Kutchins

    Sr. Grants and Contracts Analyst

    Financial support to assigned faculty, graduate/post-doc payroll to assigned faculty, back-up: Yin Jiang
  • Ananya Majumdar

    Ananya Majumdar

    Director, Biophysical NMR Center

  • Phil Mortimer

    Phil Mortimer

    Manager, Mass Spectrometry Facility

    Mass spectrometry training/instrument access, walk-up instrumentation
  • Joe Russell

    Joe Russell

    Purchasing Coordinator

    InfoPath/purchase, order processing, credit card – lab supplies, purchase order problem resolution, back-up: Yin Jiang
  • Maxime Siegler

    Maxime Siegler

    X-Ray Facility Manager

    X-ray crystallography, solid-state chemistry, solid-solid phase transitions
  • Nicholette Stachowiak

    Nicholette Stachowiak

    Laboratory Coordinator

  • Boris Steinberg

    Boris Steinberg

    Facilities Manager

    Building maintenance, safety/housekeeping/facilities liaison, key distribution, hazmat/waste facility access & training
  • Cassandra Steward

    Academic Program Administrator

    • 410-516-7427
    • Remsen 138
    • Research Interests:  coordinating, facilitating, implementing academic support services and program activities; Back up: John Kidwell
  • Joel Tang

    Joel Tang

    Manager, NMR Facility

    NMR, EPR, IR spectrometers and Polarimeter management system troubleshooting and maintenance, instrumentation training and access
  • In Memoriam

  • Gary Posner

    Research Professor

  • Justine Roth

    Associate Professor

    PhD, University of Washington
    • Group/Lab Website
    • Research Interests: Inorganic, bioorganic, and biophysical chemistry
  • research scientists

  • Srikant Iyer

    Associate Research Scientist

  • Rongfeng Li

    Associate Research Scientist

  • W. Adam Phelan

    Research Scientist

    • 225-663-0920
    • Bloomberg 105
    • Research Interests: Crystal Growth; Solid State Chemistry and Condensed Mater Physics; New Materials Design and Exploration
  • Alexander Popov

    Research Scientist

  • Dontarie Stallings

    Research Scientist

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