Pathways to Your Career

The Pathways to Your Career Seminar Series brings visiting speakers to campus to discuss their path from chemistry degree to their current position. These sessions also educate students about opportunities outside of academia.

Previous speakers have included representatives from industry, government, academic publishing, and biotechnology startups. The series is managed by Professor Rebekka Klausen. Questions may be directed to

Upcoming Events:

Dr. David Ford and Dr. Talia Steiman
Snapdragon Chemistry
Cambridge, MA
Process Chemistry

Friday, October 8, 2021
11:00 am Virtual Seminar

Snapdragon Chemistry is a Boston-area company of 45 scientists and engineers developing the next generation of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and reactor technology. David Ford and Talia Steiman will give a presentation describing Snapdragon Chemistry‚Äôs approach to small molecule process research and development leveraging flow chemistry. We will explain the way we think about process development and provide some real-world examples. We will also talk about career opportunities at Snapdragon and provide our perspective on industry trends.
David Ford, PhD is Director of Chemistry at Snapdragon Chemistry. He joined Snapdragon in 2017 and has worked as a process chemist for the last eight years.  Prior to that, he earned his PhD with Eric Jacobsen at Harvard University.
Talia Steiman, PhD is a Scientist at Snapdragon Chemistry.  She joined Snapdragon in 2020 after performing postdoctoral studies with Abigail Doyle at Princeton University and earning her PhD with Christopher Uyeda at Purdue University.

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