Inorganic Chemistry

  • McQueen Materials & Inorganic
    Congratulations to the McQueen Lab on their perspective entitled "Progress toward Solid State Synthesis by Design", which has been accepted for publication in Accounts of Chemical Research! The authors present a perspective on the future of solid state synthesis based on current and reaction mechanisms, and argue that increased collaboration between synthetic chemists, physicists, and computational modelists is the future of materials discovery by design.

Inorganic Chemistry at JHU is at the forefront of a wide range of research, including the study of coordination chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, small molecule activation, enzyme mechanisms utilizing biological radicals, catalysis, and solid state and nanostructured functional materials. Key findings in these areas are leading to new understanding in biological and environmental processes and the development of novel materials with controlled properties for superconductors, optoelectronics, energy storage, and energy conversion.

Groups: Karlin, Huang, Goldberg, Thoi, McQueen, Kempa