Physical Chemistry

  • JDT - Pchem Subpage Update 12.11
    Researchers in Spain and Korea in collaboration with the Tovar Group report in Nature Communications the observation of excited state aromaticity driven by photoinduced charge-transfer.

Physical Chemists seek to understand chemical interactions, equilibria, and dynamics from fundamental physical principles and with an emphasis on how these relate to atomic and molecular level interactions. Physical Chemistry research at JHU spans many areas including fundamental molecular and atomic interactions, chemical and photochemical dynamics, catalysis, surface and materials chemistry, nanomaterials, protein biophysics, and molecular and materials spectroscopy. This work is providing fundamental insights on phenomena that underlie applications in combustion, solar energy conversion, catalysis of fuels, magnetism and superconductivity, photonics, growth and properties of nanostructures, environmental chemistry, and biology.

Groups: Bowen, Bragg, Dagdigian, Fairbrother, Kempa, TolmanFried

If interested in theoretical or computational physical chemistry, please visit the theoretical chemistry research page.