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Greenberg Lab Members Recently Published in JACS

Congratulations to Huabing Sun, Liwei Zheng and Kun Yang of the Greenberg Group for their recent communication, Positional Dependence of DNA Hole Transfer Efficiency in Nucleosome Core Particles in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Their research resolves discrepancies regarding electron transfer in nucleosomes and has ramifications on its role in controlling DNA-protein interactions […]

Cheng receives grant from Department of Energy Early Career Research Program

Lan Cheng
Lan Cheng is among 73 young scientists across the country selected to receive grants from Department of Energy Early Career Research Program. The five-year award entitled “Development of Novel Relativistic Electronic Structure Methods for Actinide-Containing Compounds” supports the work on relativistic quantum chemistry and computational actinide chemistry in Cheng group. Congratulations, Dr. Cheng!

Dr. Lisa Pogue Explores Science Collaboration

Dr. Lisa Pogue, chemistry postdoctoral scholar in the Institute for Quantum Matter, a department of energy energy frontiers research center, interviews scientific teams to explore the key ingredients to successful scientific collaboration for the Frontiers in Energy Research Newsletter. Great job, Lisa!

Dr. Adam Phelan Receives NSF Award

Congratulations to Adam Phelan, Associate Director of PARADIM Bulk Crystal Facility, on his recent NSF award to explore the structural polymorphism origins of superconductivity under pressure. Congrats again, Adam!

Professors Thoi, Kempa, and Fairbrother awarded 2019 Hopkins Discovery Award

More than ever, the answers to the most challenging questions cannot be accomplished entirely within one academic discipline, or even one division. The Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards provide grant awards to cross-divisional teams, comprised of faculty and/or non-faculty members from at least two schools or affiliates of the university, who are poised to arrive at important […]

Prof. Klausen Presents at Hopkins on the Hill

Prof. Rebekka Klausen (pictured) represented the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Hopkins on the Hill, a biennial showcase of the range, value, and impact of federally funded research across Johns Hopkins University. U.S. Reps. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and David Trone (D-MD) attended the showcase in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C. […]

Chairman Yarkony Receives 2019 Herschbach Medal in Theory Award

David Yarkony
The Herschbach medal is presented at the Dynamics of Molecular Colllisions meeting which has been held biennially for the last 54 years.  At this meeting medals in theoretical and experimental molecular dynamics, named in honor of 1986 Nobel laureate Dudley R. Herschbach are awarded, in Herschbach’s words:  For bold and architectural work, inspiring and empowering. […]

David Burns is a Space Scholar!

David Burns (Thoi Group) is accepted into the Space Scholars Program at the Kirtland Air Force Base. He will be spending this summer in Albuquerque, NM studying electrode materials for space-based energy storage with Dr. Jessica Buckner. Congratulations, David!