Materials Chemistry

  • The Tovar group engineered radial conjugation pathways into pi-conjugated systems that are traditionally made up of linear pathways.
    The Tovar Group reports a pendant photochromic switch motif that allows for facile alteration of conjugated polymer electronic properties.

Our cross-disciplinary faculty are focused on the rational synthesis and characterization of new classes of organic, inorganic, and solid-state materials. Research groups are engaged in the study of electronic materials spanning molecular, 1-d, 2-d and bulk regimes, Janus particles, porous materials for energy storage, nanomaterial growth, cluster assembled materials, and conductive polymers. Opportunities for basic and applied research abound in areas including: catalysis, solar energy conversion, environmental remediation, optical and quantum computing, multiscale modeling of structure and dynamics, and biological imaging, sensing and repair.

Groups: Bowen, Bragg, Fairbrother, Hernandez, Kempa, Klausen, McQueen, Thoi, Tovar