Materials Chemistry

  • McQueen Materials & Inorganic
    In the perspective, "Progress Toward Solid State Synthesis by Design," the McQueen Lab argues that increased collaboration between synthetic chemists, physicists, and computational modelists is the future of materials discovery by design.

Our cross-disciplinary faculty are focused on the rational synthesis and characterization of new classes of organic, inorganic, and solid-state materials. Research groups are engaged in the study of electronic materials spanning molecular, 1-d, 2-d and bulk regimes, Janus particles, porous materials for energy storage, nanomaterial growth, cluster assembled materials, and conductive polymers. Opportunities for basic and applied research abound in areas including: catalysis, solar energy conversion, environmental remediation, optical and quantum computing, multiscale modeling of structure and dynamics, and biological imaging, sensing and repair.

Groups: Bowen, Bragg, Fairbrother, Hernandez, Kempa, Klausen, McQueen, Thoi, Tovar