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Bristol-Myers Squibb Buys Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals

Congratulations to Dr. John Toscano, Professor of Chemistry and also now Vice-Dean for Research of the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences! The company he developed from his own research on the chemistry of nitroxyl (HNO), Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals, was just recently acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb biopharamaceuticals.  The company, co-founded with David Kass and Nazareno Paolocci […]

Blessing Deeyaa Wins JHU Diversity Recognition Award

Congratulations to Blessing Deeyaa of the Rokita Lab on receiving a JHU Diversity Recognition Award!  Blessing was recognized for her organization and pro-active managing of the JHU National Organization for Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) chapter and was the only individual awardee from the School of Arts and Sciences.

Heather Neu Receives ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award

heather neu

Congratulations to Heather Neu, a recently graduated Goldberg group PhD student, for winning a 2016 ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award! Eight awardees are selected from applicants from all over the country by the ACS-DIC for this prestigious award. The awardees will present their research in a special Young Investigator Symposium to be […]

Zach Kelly Receives NSF EAPSI Fellowship

zach kelly

Congratulations to Zach Kelly of the McQueen Lab for receiving the NSF EAPSI Fellowship! The prestigious East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship will send Kelly to Kyoto for the summer to work alongside Professor Hiroshi Kageyama of Kyoto University.

Tyrel McQueen to Lead PARADIM at JHU

Tyrel McQueen

Congratulations to Professor Tyrel McQueen, who will lead a new JHU effort to establish a “cutting-edge crystal growth facility as part of a national research project meant to revolutionize technology used in consumer products, industry and medicine.”

Marc Greenberg Named Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry

Marc Greenberg

Congratulations to organic chemistry Professor Marc Greenberg! Ronald Daniels, JHU president, along with the approval of the Johns Hopkins University Board of Trustees, recently named Dr. Greenberg as the Vernon K. Krieble Professor of Chemistry for his achievements as a scholar, teacher, and his service to the department. Dr. Greenberg joins a number of our […]

Kate Prigge Featured in Science’s XX Files Series

Kate Prigge

Dr. Kate Prigge, a recent graduate from the Goldberg group, is featured in Science Magazine’s video series XX Files: Extraordinary Science Extraordinary Women. Click to watch her interview on her postdoctoral work on “The Smell Test” involving the odor detection of cancer.