The Greenberg Group Publishes in JACS

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Congratulations to Dr. Haozhe Yang on his publication in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

The molecular basis for the mutagenicity of damaged DNA is of fundamental importance. The formamidopyrimidines (e.g. Fapy•dG) are a common family of DNA damage. The formamidopyrimidines are unusual in that they readily epimerize, complicating their synthesis and interactions with enzymes. Dr. Yang and colleagues characterized Fapy•dG replication in vitro using kinetics, X-ray crystallography, and by examining their mutagenicity in mammalian cells. These studies indicate that a-Fapy•dG is mutagenic, accommodates a mispair with dA in the polymerase active site, and is bypassed significantly more slowly than b-Fapy•dG.

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