Professor Robert H. Grubbs Receives 72nd Remsen Award

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On November 16, 2017, Dr. Robert H. Grubbs gave the 72nd Remsen Award Lecture, which is hosted annually by the Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society in conjunction with the JHU Chemistry Department. Dr. Grubbs is the Victor and Elizabeth Atkins Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology. In 2005, Dr. Grubbs received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on olefin metathesis, an honor he shared with Profs. Chauvin and Schrock. Dr. Grubbs has performed pioneering work on well-defined ruthenium alkylidene catalysts for olefin metathesis, which have revolutionized chemical synthesis. Dr. Grubbs’ catalysts have found application in the synthesis of pharmaceutical agents, commercial plastics, and in the preparation of well-defined yet complex polymer architectures for biomedical and optical applications. Hosting the lecture visit were Dr. Dana Ferraris, local section Remsen Award Chair, and the JHU Chemistry Department. The lecture drew a large audience from the JHU community and surrounding areas. The accompanying picture shows Dr. Ferraris (right) with Dr. Grubbs and his inscribed Remsen Award plaque.